Our oregano is cultivated in open fields and in high mountains (1000m from sea level), in the territory of Madonie Park. Just the altitude is one of the essential elements to garantee the high quality of the cultivation, as witnessed by the etymology of the word itself. Origanum, in fact, originates from "òros" (=mountain) and "ganào" (=I'm delighted); the most acclaimed interpretations bring the origin of the name to the concept of "mountain delight" or beauty, brightness, ornament, joy of the mountain, or grow well in the mountain and in the upper level of sunny areas. It is precisely with reference to this last meaning that our Oregano, natural ornament of Madonie mountains, finds in the madonie mountains the natural habitat to optimize an unmistakable aroma, definite flavour and all its properties.
It is widely used in the Mediterranean cuisine, especially to flavour pizzas, salads, patatoes, canned in oil or vinegar, meat and fish.
Oregano is traditionally known for different therapeutic properties such as antiseptic properties, adjuvant in the digestive process, cough supressant, abdominal pain sedative. Today, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties are also included to fight free radical.