Gandolfo Filippone farm is situated at one thousand metres above the sea level,
in the pure environment of Madonie Park,
in the heart of Sicily.

High mountain climate, air purity, soil and water quality make this area the ideal place for the cultivation of Sicilian agriculture products of the highest quality, such as oregano and fennel.

From father to son, the passion for agriculture of the Filippone family helped to start an innovative company which makes the rediscovery of the most characteristic aromatic plants of the Mediterranean such as laurel, sage, rosemary, thyme, fennel, lavender and especially the origanum vulgare the focus of its production.

This last still grows spontaneously in the territory of the Madonie, enclosing in its huge aromas the very essence of authentic Sicily. Authentic as the Gandolfo Filippone Farm, which reaffirms every day the value of environment-friendly cultivation methods in line with the roots of true rural tradition.

And it’s because of this that Gandolfo Filippone company’s products have the organic farming, Global GAP and GRASP certification and are protected by the brand «panierenatura» of Madonie Park.

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Banner imageAzienda Agricola Biologica Filippone di Piante Aromatiche: Origano, Lavanda, Finocchietto, Timo, Rosmarino, Salvia, Alloro, Peperoncino
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The cycle of aromatic plants production of Gandolfo Filippone farm follows the specific protocol of companies certified as organic farming.

More specifically the process is carried out according to tradional methods: from transplantation to weeding, to harvesting and packaging.

In addition, to avoid the over-exploitation of organic substances, crop rotation is performed and only natural substances are used, with the absolute exclusion of chemical synthesis substances.

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